Acada Central’s rich features include:

icon-3 Student Admission Management
icon-3 Student Attendance Management
icon-3 Time Table Management
icon-3 E-Test & Evaluation Management
icon-3 Alumni Management
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Pricing Details

Our prices are flexible & our packages includes:

icon-3 Platinum
icon-3 Gold
icon-3 Silver
icon-3 Bronze
icon-3 Aluminium
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Our demos are available online & they include:

icon-3 Student Portal Demo
icon-3 Staff Portal Demo
icon-3 Alumni Portal Demo
icon-3 Applicant Portal Demo
icon-3 Mobile App Demo
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Acada Central is  being loved and trusted by numerous school owners not only in Nigeria but in almost all countries of the world. Our Clients cut across major countries around Africa and the world at large while we hope to cover more institutions.
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